Friday, October 21, 2016

Pear #11 - Double The Fun

"Today is a good day. Today she feels she is the master of her craft. Today she is
free of the grinding tyranny of doubt. The voice that mocks her ambition. The voice
that bites and slanders and causes her more heartache that any other voice. Today
she is focused, she is exultant... If only painting were like this every day."
                                                    ~ Glenn Haybittle from The Way Back to Florence

G Sivitz, oil painting, pair of pears, pears
Pear #11
oil, 6 x 6 inches on canvas board

This is the kind of painting that makes you want to keep painting, the kind that makes all the frustration and self-doubt and stacks of failed pieces worth it. The kind that makes you blink and say "I managed to paint that!?" And yet, when you've stopped congratulating yourself, all that elation quickly dissolves into the realization of how much further you still have to go. Paintings like this are just mile markers on the long, long road.

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