Monday, February 13, 2017

Tea Time Sketch

G. Sivitz, drawing, sketch, tea pots, graphite, white charcoal, colored paper
Tea Time (Alternate title: "Dueling Teapots")
Graphite and white charcoal study on Strathmore 400 Series Toned Tan paper

It's raining here today, instead of snowing - hurrah! Good weather for a cup of tea.

It's also good weather to stay in my studio. I've been playing with these teapots all week, arranging and rearranging the composition. This started out as just a rough sketch to consider the potential of this set-up for a painting, but I ended up not being able to put the pencil down. The placement of the teapots is still bothering me though.

While there are some interesting negative shapes, many of the teapot lids, spouts, and handles are all gathered along the same horizontal line, and the little teapot kind of disappears into the big one, so I'm not done working out the grouping yet. 

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